Random Erotica Prompt

A story where women are trying not to have sex because whenever they get a cock in them they get dumber. The more cock/the longer they fuck the dumber they get.

The man gets no benefit other than sex, but they always want to fuck. Just a story of women trying to resist to stay smart.

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

You’re in a stall in a public bathroom getting ready to go, you flush then hear some jostling. A piece of the wall pulls away and through the hole a thick, long, cock appears erect.

What would you do? Nobody would know. It would just be you sitting in that stall. Your face would never be seen.

At first you’d be startled, yes. Anyone would be.
Who is it?
Where are they?
Where did they come from?

But its just there, that hard cock sticking straight out waiting for something.
You would be interested, wouldn’t you? How would you handle yourself?
Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you’d stare at it as it poked out through the wall. Would you want to touch it? Your hand might twitch. You’d bite your lip. You’d want to. You would look around, and then call yourself stupid as you forgot you were in a bathroom stall.
Would your hand hesitate as it moved through the air, or would you reach out and grab it with eager lust? Squeezing it and tugging it slowly. Gliding your hand along the shaft and cupping the balls.
I think you’d moan too. Knowing the person on the other side of the wall is moaning even if you can’t hear them. Knowing they want more but its as far as you could work yourself up to. Your hand gripping their cock tight, stroking it. Pumping it to you. Your heart racing as you can’t believe your jerking off a stranger in a bathroom.

You would want to go further though. Why go this far and not do it all?
Continue pumping the cock. Pulling on it. Tugging it. Stroking it. His waist pressed flush to the wall so he’s pushed as far into the stall as can be. Where you are has completely left your mind and you don’t consider the state of the floor as you drop to your knees. You’re face to face with a cock for the first time ever.
Or is it the first time? Was there another time you came close but didn’t do anything?
The cock is near your lips. Your mouth opens slowly and you feel sweat running down your face. You want it. You know you do. Commit. Suck that cock. Gag on it. Let it fuck your throat.
And you do. You go all the way. You become a cock sucking slut. Its what you’ve always wanted, deep down, or you wouldn’t have given in so easily. All it took as a cock out in your vicinity and you succumbed to it. Its now in your mouth and you’re pumping it, hoping for a thick load of cum to shoot down your throat. Your free hand reaching down and furiously undoing your pants. You want to jerk yourself off while you’re sucking cock. You want the full experience. You only wish that there was another cock available to shove up your tight asshole and spit roast you. If only there was a hand behind you that could give you a reach around as you were fucked and sucking such a thick cock. You would be in utter bliss.

Does that sound like you, or something you would do? Is your hand on your cock right now imagining it? Did you cum already picturing yourself in that situation?

Tell me all about it.

Emasculate Me

This is the heart of it. The core. The center of my kink. What it is birthed from.

Make me feel inferior. Submissive, with pants of humiliation. Take those feelings and twist my mind with them. Arouse me with them. Make them the reason I get erect. Tell me I’m not a real man and man a charge through my body that makes me want to cum.

Cuckold me. Fuck other men and tell me how much better they are than me. How much bigger their dicks are and how they make you orgasm like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Tell me you’re not going to stop. You’re going to keep fucking other men, but not me.

Then tell me how puny my cock is. Laugh when it twitches upon mention of how inferior it is to the man you just fucked. Tell me I’m going to be pussy free and never feel the inside of a woman again. Whisper that I can start jerking my cock to the thought of you being fucked by everyone except me.

Watch as my hand furiously pumps my pathetic cock. Listen to my breath getting heavier as you tell me how you’re going to invite him over so he can lay his fat, thick cock over my tiny pin dick and I can see the difference when his size dwarfs mine.

You’ll stroke him and lay his cock completely over mine so it disappears, then you tell me to stroke his cock as if it were mine. As my hand wraps around his huge piece of meat you want me to say how good it feels. You want me to say how much I like his cock in my hands. Then you tell me to ask him if I can suck on it.

Soon I’m gagging on his cock while you’re calling me a faggot. You tell me how you’re going to get me a boyfriend to get fuckEd by every night until I’ve had more sex with men then women. I nod and whimper along as you stroke my dick and ask if I would like that, if I would like to be gay for the rest of my life.

Emasculate me.

In every way possible.


It’s such a simple concept but it’s amazing how many get it wrong. Whether it’s the words, the voice or the tone., it’s rare to find a perfect Jerk Off Instruction audio or video.

All you need is a pretty girl and some simple words and you can’t lose, but to make it incredible you need some nuance. The girl needs subtlety. She needs to talk to you like you’re listening, not like she’s recording. As if you’re there with her and you’re watching every hand movement and lip curl.

As she tells you to pull your cock out she needs to talk about wanting it harder. That she wants to see you stroke.

“Pump that cock for me,” in an almost needy voice. Make it as if you’re doing her a favor by jerking off.

Work in the jerking off motion. Lick your lips. Cross and uncross your legs. Make his senses overwhelmed with sex.

The most important are the words though. Whatever the genre they have to be steadily building. She can’t jump in to the core of the kink.

If it’s a humiliation kink then start by acting as if whatever is going to be made fun of (penis size) isn’t known to be small. Ask to see it. When declined ask again. Beg. When it’s finally revealed cover your mouth and laugh softly. Talk down to it and use a baby voice. Make it shrink and shrivel up.

If it’s a gay coercion kink then start like you’re telling him it’s okay if he’s gay. That all your girlfriends already know. That you can tell the way he looks at other men that he wants to kiss them and feel their hands on him. Build it slowly until you ask if he’s ever sucked a cock. Ask if he likes it. Ask if he’ll do it in front of you. Then call him a faggot and tell him how his cock got harder when you did.

Go along like that, slow and not forced. Whatever you do avoid laughing. Giggling is usually bad too but nobody can seem to pull off a sincere laugh in a JOI clip. They always sound so fake.

So give it a try. Write it out. Rehearse. Tease. Push. Make so many men cum.

I Need A Man

I think I’ve been on this before but I keep circling back because I haven’t had my fill yet. Yes, double en-tendre’s are fun.

I need a man. A controlling man. I’m not sure that means one of those “Alpha” men as most of them have personalities that are so grating I couldn’t stand to be around them, but a man who is confident and gives off a vibe that is Alpha adjacent. Someone who could command respect but not fear. He would be demanding, but in a way that makes me want to do whatever he asked and have that charge of electricity run through my body because I’m doing it for him. Even that I think I’m doing it for him instead of for me, or that I would get satisfaction (or even feel euphoric) that I’m doing what he wants.

I need a man to tell me to satisfy him.
I want a man to tell me what to do and to be his little fuck slave.

You’d think something like this would be easy to come across with things like Grindr out there, but my god it is not.
There are so many men available, especially in a rural community, but none of them offer what I want or need. They are all the typical type of men that women have been fending off for so many years. Its funny that someone looking for a homosexual exchange is dealing with the same thing.

These men just want a quick meet. A slide his dick in my mouth until he cums and then run. This all sounds well and dandy at the forefront, especially for someone with such a slutty need to gag on cocks and turn himself gay (that is meant strictly in a mindfuck, fantasy aspect with a dash of reality thrown in. In other words, maybe a post for another day).

The problem is that these men want to share nothing about themselves. I’m not talking about their address, credit card numbers, job location or last name. They don’t want to make themselves out to be a real person that is able to lessen the fear of meeting some psycho that is going to fuck up my life.
I started talking with a guy the other day and he wanted to hook up right then. Immediately upon messaging.
I told him I like to get to know people first, find out if they’re trustworthy or not before I was gagging on their cock. In reality its kind of used as a filtering system. Most guys will stop talking to me instantly if I say that. Other guys will fade off pretty quickly, while the remaining guys will show how incredibly dull they are, this guy fit into the last category.

He asked what I was doing, so I told him I was at work.
He asked what I was doing later, so I told him I’d probably be watching tv.
He asked what shows, so I told him.
It was the most dull conversation and eventually I stopped responding because the guy had no personality. This might be considered unfair, because he was trying but I thought of it as a sign that he was not worth the effort. He didn’t feel like he was putting any effort in. The questions were so basic and there was no follow up. The man I need/want is someone who’s able to carry a conversation, or at least add to it. Hooking up with a stranger online is sketchy as it is, I’m not doing it for some random guy with no personality.

The man I want is going to coax me into giving up all of my kinks. He’s going to make me feel like I want to drop everything and go be his cock slave. I’ll see a message from him and instantly get hard. He’ll give me butterflies and be a source of never ending arousal. He’ll be my sexual god that I will worship.

A man that will get me to dive deep into the sexual abyss that is my mind and pull out all of the fun activities I’ve wanted to do for years, and even some things I never knew I wanted.

He’ll lay in bed with me and have me nursing his cock as he records my lips sucking tightly and my head bobbing up and down. All he will have to do is tell me to tell the camera I’m a faggot and I’ll pull my lips off of his cock and look up at him and say it. He’ll then coach me into admitting it.

“Tell everyone how much you love sucking cock,” he’ll say.

My lips will pull off his dick as I look up at him while laying naked between his legs on the bed.

“I love sucking cock. I’m such a fucking cock whore.”

“You certainly are,” he’ll say with a small smirk on his lips.
“Now tell everyone that you’re a faggot.”

I would feel my cock get extremely erect. It was in a loosely hard state at that point, not fully erect but enough from the grinding I was doing into his shin. As I heard him say it my heart would race and I’d feel flush, the feeling of the words running up my throat causing my head to swim.

“I’m a faggot,” my voice would stutter slightly.

“Say it again with more confidence. Tell everyone what you really are. Tell them so they all know when they see you.”

Nodding, I’d take a short breath and say it again without a stutter, “I’m a faggot.”

“Good boy. Now tell everyone that you’re gay. That’s why you went on Grindr. That’s why you were looking for someone to suck their cock. Tell them that you were looking for a boyfriend but you were too conflicted inside to admit the faggot inside of you wanted to come out. Tell them that the thought of being in a relationship with another man makes your dick hard. That you never really liked pussy and that’s why you’re here with me. That you’d be happy never feeling the inside of a pussy again but you’d miss cock.”

I’m feeling needy, like all I want to do is dive onto his cock hearing him say all of this. That I want him fucking me so while my words spill from my mouth in between moans as I admit to being gay his cock is deep inside of me making it permanent. I wanted it so bad.
I would grab his cock and lick it like a lollipop, holding it in my hand and pumping it . I looked up at him and spewed everything he just said back at him. My hips rocking against his shin, his foot curled upward teasing my ass cheeks.

“I am. I’m gay. I’m a faggot. I only want cock. I never want to fuck a pussy again. I want to be used by men and fucked from both ends while being jerked off. I secretly make myself cum to pictures of cock and gay conversion porn because I want to admit that I’m gay. I want a boyfriend. I want to kiss him and tell him that I love him and have him fuck me every night. I want to ask a man to be my boyfriend and every time I see him I’ll kiss him, hug him and tell him how much I missed him. I’ll hold his hand in public and peck his lips and say that I love him. I want to be in a homosexual relationship with another man.”

My hips rock faster as more words come out of my mouth until I cum all over his leg, shivering and shuddering while I tell the camera I’m gay.

As I type all this I’m squeezing my thighs together. I’m rock hard. I just want to rub my cock until I fill my pants with cum and then sit in it. I want a man to move me to do all of this. Someone who has such an amazing control over me that he can make me do and say things that give me such an incredible feeling. A man that will make me abandon everything and be his personal fuck toy. A man that will push me beyond the edge of all of what I’ve wanted.

Is that too much to ask?

Watersports & Golden Showers

I don’t know when I actually started to get turned on by the idea of urine, urination, piss, piss play, water sports, golden showers, etc. It just kind of happened and all of a sudden I was into it. How does something that brings up such strong emotions just kind of pop up on a person like that? Probably says more about me than anything.

I have an idea, actually. I’m sure it stems from my humiliation kink with a side of submissiveness. What’s more humiliating than wetting yourself?
What’s more submissive than someone making you wet yourself or urinating all over you?
I can’t think of much.

Read more: Watersports & Golden Showers

At first it was a gay thing. At first it was a thing where I was the target, so I guess it really started as a submissive thing. So it was a submissive thing while being gay. Playing gay? Acting gay? Whatever. it was me being a cock hungry faggot.

So it started out with a man dominating me and making me his bitch.
He would gag me on his cock and make my eyes water while my cock got hard.
He would fuck my in the ass while my cock flopped around wildly and I moaned trying to mentally calm myself as he was splitting me in half.
He would even make me tongue his asshole while shoving my face in and call me his faggot ass licker.
Then, to push me down even further, he would tell me I could finally jerk my little dick after being used. As I furiously stroked, needy as anything, he would take his cock and slap my face with it until he felt a nice build up of piss and point it at my cock. He would make me jerk off as he pissed on my cock, cumming as his stream splashed along my waist, his, stomach and hand.
It was fucking such an incredibly hot moment and I was hooked.

It wasn’t real though. It never happened. It was all through chatting with another man that this kink grabbed ahold of my mind and said, “you’re coming home with me.”

It gradually grew from there. I wanted to be a pissy puppy. The thought of pissing my pants consumed me. I wanted to be humiliated by him. By any dominate man really. I wanted to do anything to prove I would be their needy little, cock hungry faggot. I desperately wanted a man to turn me gay and make me his cock slave. His cock sleeve.

I thought about trying it out in real life.
I thought about pissing my pants sitting in a chair, but then the reality of clean up afterwards set in.
I thought about sitting in the bathtub in my jeans after waiting hours and hours holding in my pee and then letting it go, but I never did. I think all of the times I chickened out and washed my cum down the drain instead of eating it got in my head. The high of doing something kinky was a fun thought, but the reality after doing it may not be what I would imagine.

The feeling would go dormant, but spring its little head up every now and then. I found a guy online and he was local.
We talked about meeting.
We talked about pissing.
Pissing on each other and making out while doing it.
We said we would get in the shower, naked, kiss and make out and then we would let our cocks explode with piss on each other. We would already be in the shower so no clean up would be necessary.
We even set a date.
I even got in my car to go meet him.
It never happened though.

He had a wife and so did I. We had found a narrow window where she would be gone and I was free to stop by, but when I went to go see him I had the brilliant idea of messaging him before I pulled into his driveway.
I didn’t get an answer so I waited.
After a while of no answer I decided he must have chickened out. Later that night he finally replied and apologized because his MIL stopped in unannounced. She was there until his wife got back.
What a fucking disaster that would have been.

So its never come up again in reality. It’s never been something I’ve sought out strongly, although the idea is still intriguing. Maybe someday I’ll finally meet some man who makes me feel like a true sissy cum slave.

As much time as I’ve spent thinking about being a public urinal for hung men I’ve also wanted to play in this fantasy with women.

I’ve got a couple of erotica stories about a guy (me) being a perv on some girls. One has him listening in on women in the bathroom, jerking off while he hears her stream of piss in the public stall. Another is of a man controlling her his pretty pet’s bladder and making her piss herself in public, then fingering her cunt until she cums on the drive home. I’ve even though about how incredibly fucking hard I would get if a woman sat on my lap and pissed herself, soaking both of our laps. I would rip off her piss soaked jeans and fuck her right there as she laid in it.

Most of my female stories have me as the dominant one though, in some way or another. There is one where I liked the idea of being restrained as she teased me, gliding up and down my cock and then instead of fucking me she pissed on my chest and stomach, but its not very well thought out.

So that’s it. That’s the extent of my involvement in that kink. The depths of my depravity for this one instance. Don’t worry, I’ve got more to share. Thank you for sitting here and reading this all on a lovely Sunday morning. Did it make you hard? I hope so. What does that say about you? xoxo

Erotica Prompt – She’ll Make You Cheat

Most of my prompt lately have been about a man exploring (or made to explore) a homo erotic lifestyle. I don’t know (or I do, but I don’t know deep down why)…(I have an inkling though) why it gets me so excited but it does and its fun to play around with. But, aside from that, I do still love to think about fucking women.

Adultery has always been a fascinating topic to me because it always seems like everyone is cheating on each other, or at least thinking about it.

The idea for this prompt is a pretty simple; a woman who gets off on making men cheat on their wives or girlfriends. It could be a monologue style, where she talks about her conquests. Kind of like a Batman-esque view “above the city” as she watches the dating populace and wonders where she’ll strike next. And she could pick men who merely are taken, but she would enjoy it so much more with men who have a ring on their finger.

Maybe she’s insecure, deep down somewhere, and when she gets a man to fuck her over the woman he married and has loved she gets a euphoric high of value. She feels like she’s worth something. It could be a character study on insecurities and attaching sex to feeling important. And there would be a lot of jumping from one guy to the next, talking about how she made them all choose her. How she broke them all down and had their cocks inside of her while their wedding rings dug into her skin.

She would push it too, telling them to tell her she’s a better fuck than their wives as their balls deep in her cunt.
Saying things like “give me all that cum, she’s not getting any tonight.”
Or, depending on her mood, telling him to go home and fuck his wife then text her afterwards how much better she was, his cock still wet from her cunt as it slides into his wife’s.

Then, maybe towards the end, she sees a beautiful woman and an attractive man together. They both have rings but he’s making eyes at our sexually depraved heroine. She’s flattered he would want her knowing how gorgeous his wife is, so when his wife leaves she makes her way over. They flirt and he gets forward and she invites him to her place to fuck. While fucking she’s enjoying it, but wants to imagine this is her life so she asks, mid fuck, what his wife’s name is. After a back and forth wondering why he tells her as he’s fucking her and she tells him to call her by his wife’s name until he fills her with cum.

When he finally cums, calling her by his wife’s name, she explodes into a powerful orgasm and then kisses him on the lips and says she loves him, completely selling into the idea that she is this other woman.

I don’t know how I would end it but it would be a fun, sexually charged story.

Erotica Prompt – Free Use

The has a more fun possibility of being included in an erotica anthology series I was thinking about, but it’s an idea I hadn’t thought of before so I thought it’d be good to record it.

A man, a chauvinistic man, complains about how women get whatever they want. Sex whenever they want and men have to barter, beg and bleed for it. So he makes a deal with the devil type of situation where he gets to be free use. This way, he thinks, women can come up to him and touch, grab, squeeze anything they want. He’ll show them it’s not so bad. It’s a compliment.

The day goes by and nothing is different. No women do anything to him and he’s starting to feel upset and self conscious when a hand squeezes his ass. He’s startled by it and yelps, turning around to see another man wink at him and walk away.

He stands there confused, not sure how to process it until another man walks up and puts a hand over his cock and squeezes through the jeans.

The parameters of the deal was that if he’s approached he can’t deny the advance so the other man feels comfortable, so as more and more men started sampling his body he couldn’t resist them. Eventually his cock was out in public being stroked while a finger was up his ass while someone else kissed him, and they were all men.

It would be a homosexual awakening where he was a free use faggot slut to any man who wanted to use him.

I can’t tell if I’d make him eventually like it, or just get used to servicing cocks for the rest of Gus life.

Erotica Prompt – Sterile Sex

I’ve just got this image in my head of a man, naked, on all fours on the edge of a bed. A woman standing beside him, surgical gloves on both hands, methodically tugging his cock downward. Pumping it, but not in a pleasurable way. She’s doing it as if it’s a chore she has to accomplish on a farm and he’s the cow being milked.

She does this for a long time. Maybe she pulls up a chair or switched hands. Her pace stays the same though.

The man knees and arms wobble but he grits his teeth. He sweats. His breathing falls hard after it’s been so long he forgets to control it. The orgasm is just out of reach, never really coming into view but it feels like it’s not far away.

Maybe there’s a bucket underneath him, if not at first then eventually. Maybe she talks to him in a soothing, motherly voice. She tells him to stay calm. To relax. To just feel the plastic gloves hold his penis tight. Even the words are sterile.

Maybe she stops before he orgasms and he’s left frustrated. Maybe she lets him cum and then sends him in a post orgasm stupor back to his stall. Maybe she encourages him no matter the outcome, again in a motherly way like a teacher giving a gold star for effort.

Erotica Prompt: Gay Intimidation

At a bar and you hit on a girl but she’s not interested. You continue to push and ask her what’s up and she tells you to get lost, when her three of her friends come over to ask if anything is wrong. She tells her friends you were leaving but you’re a little drunk and start chirping at them.

You say what’s up, asking if she’s fucking one of her friends. They all get up and get aggressive but the girl calms them down, pushes you away and tells you they’re all gay anyway but still more man than you are.

Her friends all laugh and start intimidating you. Calling you big man and swinging dick. Then one of the guys calls out and asks how big your dick is. The girl laughs, which makes you mad. Two of her friends continue taunting by calling you big dick, while the third guy continues to yell out asking how big your dick is. He makes everyone shut up, shushing them so he can get a clear answer. When it’s quiet he aggressively asks how big your dick is, then grabs his own and squeezes.

You don’t like being ganged up on and the alcohol is making you woozy so you throw a hand up and walk away. You head to the bathroom and go to the urinal when the door opens behind you and you hear the girl’s friends voices. They’re still calling him big dick and one stands on each side, pulling their dicks out to take a piss in the urinal. The one third friend behind you, still on about how big you are before changing it up and telling you to show it to them.

They all start in on it. Two with their own socks out after having emptied their bladder, letting their long, thick cocks hang flaccid. The man behind you telling you to take it out and show him. Saying nobody else is around. That they’ll lock the door. Take it out. Show us your dick. Come on, pull it out.

The man behind you asks if you need help, and that he can pull it out for you and hold it. He says how he wants to feel it. To hold it.

Your head spinning. You think you feel his hand on your shoulder. On your hip. In your pants. Gripping your cock as he softly speaks to you, asking if you liked this. If you enjoyed him holding your dick.

You nod.

He starts stroking.

You groan.

He starts kissing you.

The other men join you, their cocks out and each of your hands tugging on one. A man’s tongue in your mouth as he slowly strokes your cock. The four of you with your pants around your ankles and cocks being stroked until you each shoot your strong, shiver inducing loads all over the floor.